While working with a large medical device company the client came to me and said, “can you read this book and figure out how to implement it in a call center environment?” I said, I will read it and see.It was Kaizen and he wanted to use its principles because their CEO believed it them.I read the book and I envisioned how it would help with their goals in terms of career pathing and coaching. Because we believe that people don’t argue with themselves, we developed a plan to have the team work together to come up with the required skills each representative should have as a new hire.We took those skills and met with 4 groups in two locations and from that list of skills we formed a list of core competencies. We created a ranking for each core competency that ranged from level 1 - asks what to do to level 5 - consistently performs behavior and coaches others.


Then we developed a training that would identify what the level was for each representative for each core competency. We outlined behaviors and how they would be measured and the criteria that would be used. We had the representatives heavily involved in this process and had them do self-evaluations to learn the process after they attended the training to ensure they understood. As a result of this, two things happened:


  • Supervisors all agreed that appraisal time was easier because the representatives were evaluated all throughout the year and the representatives always knew where they stood.

  • The representative knew what was important and specifically what standards they were being held to and they had a path to move forward. There were no communications issues about why someone didn’t get promoted.

So not only did we create a new training course that has become one of our flagship products, we also created a new performance development program!

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