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We offer a full suite of training programs that will help your employees to reach their full potential and help your contact center achieve their goals.

We have a unique proven effective Facilitation Strategy™ that includes a step by step process that ensures internalization of the materials.


Strategic Interaction Skills™ Workshop

Strategic Interaction Skills™ is a two-day interactive workshop that uses the Group Discovery Process to lead participants to embrace and incorporate specific skills that have been identified to deliver consistent world-class service.  Using both subliminal and obvious skills, the strategy helps the representatives navigate from point A to point B in the most logical and effective way, while meeting the customers’ needs.  Our process has been tested and validated with 44,000 participants by a top industrial psychologist to ensure a 95% Confidence Level that customers will respond the way we expect.

Advanced Strategic Interaction Skills™ Workshop

Advanced Strategic Interaction Skills™ is a two-day interactive workshop that takes your call center to the next level.  Handling not only more complicated interactions, but also providing representatives with more advanced skills to turn calls into “Wow” interactions


Prerequisite - Strategic Interaction Skills Workshop™

Discovery Coaching™ Workshop

Discovery Coaching™ Workshop is an advanced workshop that helps quality coaches and supervisors enable representatives to use their advanced skills and move to the next level. In this workshop, participants practice using advanced questioning skills.

Advanced Communication Skills™ Workshop

(conflict management)

Advanced Strategic Interaction Skills™ Every contact center experiences conflict. Working so closely in such a dynamic environment fosters differences that are counterproductive to the organization. In this workshop, we redirect individuals onto a path of self-accountability and more self-directed behaviors. This enables them to resolve conflicts amongst each other as professionals and not involve their manager and supervisors creating an environment of fear and distrust. This workshop focuses on the entire team to understand their own styles, how to recognize others’ styles and be able to flex their styles to resolve issues. Armed with this knowledge, participants learn to use a tool to help them navigate through the discussion with the offender.

Keys and Levels of Action™ Workshop

Keys and Levels of Action is a performance management program that measures the specific performance of each employee based on expected competencies in their roles and the 5 Levels of Action. The 5 Levels of Action are a range of behaviors starting with level 1 - asks what to do to 5 - consistently performs behavior and coaches others. Throughout the year, the staff is acutely aware of their performance, what level they are in each and what they need to do to get to the next level.

Coaching Champion™ Workshop 

Contrary to popular belief, being a coach is a partnership not a direct reporting relationship. This workshop focuses on how to create a coaching relationship and build the ongoing support role using the approach “methodical mastery of skills over time” process This process uses a consistent and organized focus on mastering and building skills in one’s coaching portfolio. Coaches will learn how to master the art of coaching in how to set the stage, create a partnership with the rep and how to give feedback and follow up in a way that is readily accepted and craved.

Prerequisite: Strategic Interaction™ Skills Training

Contact Center Leadership™ Training

Being the internal leader of the coaching program requires some additional skills. This role is responsible for overseeing the administration of the coaching program and ensuring the coaches are adhering to its tenets and philosophy. This role also is the tie breaker for any coaching feedback when there are disagreements about an interaction. In this training, coaching leaders will learn how to:

  • Fully administer the Coaching Program as directed

  • Ensure that the staff is building on skills methodically

  • Identify the solutions to move skills development further

  • Use measurements to demonstrate to leadership the reps are moving forward

  • Intervene as necessary and provide coaches feedback

  • Prepare and maintain Coaches Performance Development Forms


Prerequisite: Strategic Interaction™ Skills Training

Prerequisite: Discovery Coaching™ Training Workshop

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